Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's this iDrive thing?

I almost didn't order the iDrive. After all, I have a Garmin GPS device. However, after reading the comments on Bimmerfest (which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the BMW) I learned that the iDrive is more than a GPS device. It's actually a command center for several systems. A little more research led me to the BMW North America site where the following was found:

The BMW iDrive system is an on-board system that integrates the vehicle’s main dashboard components—Navigation, Communications and Entertainment, as well as Phonebook, BMW Assist™ (not available in all models) and Vehicle Info—into one central, easy-to-access system.

The BMW iDrive system offers convenience, performance and safety. By integrating your vehicle’s Navigation, Communications and Entertainment functions into one centralized system, iDrive eliminates the fumble for controls and allows you to focus on your driving. iDrive features a single toggle switch and seven keys located at hand level near the gear shift. Innovative and intuitive, iDrive can be used without taking your eyes off the road, allowing for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

So there you have what I've learned so far. I'm sure I'll have more input once my car is delivered and I get a chance to experiment with the features and gizmos that come along with it. If you have iDrive and want to leave a comment regarding your personal experience, I hope you will click the "comment" thingy below and tell us what you think. Isn't technology grand?

And finally, here's an amateur video I found on YouTube. It's fairly comprehensive and shows a lot of the features. 

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