Saturday, May 14, 2011

DAY ONE - Last Post of the Day

I took another drive this afternoon. Added seven miles. And then another drive that added another 3 miles. So we're currently at 54 miles on the clock. Not bad so far. Fortunately, I only work six miles from home, so that's only adding another 60 miles per week; 250 a month, or 3,000 a year. I should be able to insure it as a pleasure vehicle with less than 5,000 miles per year. That will save me a little cash on the insurance portion.

In addition, I won't have to pay any personal property tax on it until a year form this coming December. In Missouri, you pay property taxes in December but only on vehicles that you owned on January 1 of that year. Since I didn't own it on January 1, no taxes until the following December. That's another good deal.

So, here's a couple of photos to look at until I come up with some new info for tomorrow. The vignette effect was done on my Macbook Pro from iPhone photos that I sent to myself.

I also cleaned out all that black soot from the exhaust pipes. I found Semichrome to be the weapon of choice for this project. There was a lot more on the right pipe than on the left. I wonder why that is?  I had the same issue with my Corvette—the right exhaust always had much more soot in it. I'm going to have to research that and find out.


  1. Beautiful car! Enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Anonymous - Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. It's good to know someone is reading it.

  3. Adam, Search the r/l exhaust soot issue on bf and you will learn that's it a very common question. Simply put, the left exhaust does not open until the engine has warmed. Therefore the moist soot filled exhaust at initial start-up is all sent to the right side. Making the mess you clean up.


  4. Reason why the left exhaust is generally cleaner than the right is because there's a vacuum operated valve that closes the left one for initial startup/crusing speed so the cabin is quieter. Search the "golf tee mod" to see how you can keep both exhausts open at all times. =)

  5. Here's that golf tee mod which Michael mentions above:

    It's quite easy to do & I've used many times and have found it interesting but have chosen mostly to run w/o. In the sedan, there seems to be a constant annoying drone at hwy speeds and I tire easily of that noise. Aren't our mufflers designed to reduce noise? You will also have a computer fault register which will be noted by the techs not that my techs or SA have ever said anything.