Sunday, May 29, 2011

DAY 15 - Oil Level Checking

We previously touched on this subject, but only briefly. Let's take a little longer look at it, shall we?

As mentioned in an earlier post, the 335i has no dipstick. Since it's missing an old friend that a lot of us grew up with, how do we go about checking the level or the considtion of our car's vital fluid. Never fear, technology comes to the rescue in this vehicle and makes it an easy task to get the information we need. Actually, there are a couple of methods we can employ.

If you have Voice Command you can simply press the talking head button on the steering wheel. After the chime, say "Vehicle Status," and the control center monitor will bring up the Vehicle Status screen. Turn the iDrive wheel clockwise until you get to the icon of the little oil can or whatever that thing is. Click it and you will see a vertical graph with "Min" and "Max" lines. It will show where your oil level is and will (hopefully) give you a readout that says "System OK" or "Oil Level OK" or something like that. I can't recall exactly what it says.

The other method involves the steering wheel stalk on the top left side. There's a little toggle button you can move up or down. Move it until you see "Oil" on the readout and then press the BC button on the end of the stalk. This method will give you the same info as the other one.

There's one thing you need to remember. You won't get a reading until the engine is warmed up. The oil temperature needle has to move off the peg before the system will give you a reading. And there you have it. Oil checking the new way. Enjoy.

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