Saturday, May 21, 2011

DAY EIGHT - Brake Dust and New Shoes

I didn't get a chance to wash the car today. Too many other things to do around the house and in the yard. I did purchase some Armour All Wheel Protectant after watching their video. It made a believer out of me that this product will solve my brake dust issue. Check it out for yourself.

On a different note, I picked up the 10-year-old granddaughter this afternoon. It was her first ride in the new car. When she got her seatbelt clicked and we took off she said, "Wow! You new car smells like a shoe store." It was classic.

We're sitting at about 330 miles now, on the second tank of gas, and still haven't heard from the dealer on that "low coolant" warning. Hopefully we'll have an answer next week. It's starting to become a bit irritating to see that radiator icon every time I start the car.

Still loving it and looking forward to getting through this break-in period.


  1. I strongly encourage you Adam to allow your dealer to seek out the low-coolant symbol fault solution & not drain your fluid & add your own choice of coolant. It's a new car & wrinkles that occur are the dealer to solve under warranty. You shouldn't go to any length of effort to address this as it remains a mystery & could get awkward if you start making service decisions on your own. JMHO

  2. Gary -
    That sounds like good advice. I'm expecting a call from my CA tomorrow to let me know what the cause is, if they've analyzed that data they uploaded from my key fob. Which means I'll have to make another trip over there for them to take care of it. Thanks for the input.