Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DAY FOUR - The Joy of Parking

Finding that perfect parking spot for a new car can be a frustrating endeavor. You want to find a place where you're not being too obvious. Naturally, you don't want to park with that diagonal approach. I think that's a sure-fire way to tick someone off. You really want your car to just kind of disappear in the lot and not draw any attention from ne'er do wells.

Also, if you can find a really nice, expensive, well-cared-for car to park next to, that's always a plus. Parking between two BMWs would be ideal, but that rarely happens. And if you can find a spot at the end of a row, then that's sometimes a good choice. Being on the end only gives one side of the car the opportunity to gain a door ding. If you can find an end spot on the right end of the row that's even a better choice. If it's a work parking lot, chances are good that the driver will be the only occupant. If that's the case, he or she will be exiting on the side away from your car so your potential door-ding possibilities just dropped dramatically. That's a positive.

So, even though parking can be a challenge that increases your heart rate and almost makes you want to turn around and take the car back to the safety of your garage, it's something we have to get over. We just have to choose the most attractive option and hope for the best. And that's all I have to say about that.

On another subject, I need to have my hood adjusted. The hood is tight an immovable on the driver's side. However, the other side, when you press on it, moves up and down an 1/8 inch or so. I'm guessing that's an easy adjustment for the dealer's service department.

And finally, I'll get around to explaining that illustration at the beginning of this post. I found Satellite radio station 71 today - Seriously Sinatra. I like it. I may listen to it tomorrow on the drive to work. Before having to find a parking place.


  1. I really enjoy reading this running commentary on your new car. Day 3 was especially fun, with the cartoon of Goofy. Enjoy Zelda.

  2. Thanks Chaz. I kind of liked the Goofy addition as well. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope you keep coming back.

  3. The hood adjustment is easy enough to do yourself. It's a simple u-bolt on each side.

  4. Gary - Got any more details or a link where I could find out more. I'd hate to mess anything up. Thanks.

  5. No mess up likely since I figured out how to do it simply by looking at the front latches, removing the one side latch I wanted to adjust (with a Phillips screwdriver), screwing the U-bolt (latch) to the proper depth & reattach. Finis!