Saturday, May 14, 2011

DAY ONE - Post Four

Meguiar's products are amazing. I used them on my Corvette for several years. I just did a little number on my new BMW 335 (Zelda) to see what would happen. Actually, the car looks very good from the dealer delivery last night. HOWEVER...

When the weather gets warmer I will definitely claybar it. For a new paint job, there are lots of contaminants in the clearcoat. Easy to feel when you run your fingers over it. So, the photos below are pre-claybarring. I only worked on the top of the trunk deck and it was all done by hand. No Porter Cable or any other electric buffer. Also, I never use anything on the paint other than microfiber towels. So, here's the procedure.

Step One: Meguiar's Detail Spray to remove any dust.
Step Two: Meguiar's Show Car Glaze (You apply this wet and wipe it off wet. Don't let it dry.)
Step Three: Meguiar's Gold Master Wax.

Whenever the weather warms up I plan to claybar the entire car and get a good coat of glaze and wax on it. Check out the shine in ten minutes time!

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  1. I personally like Klasse Wax, made for German paint jobs. time consuming but wears like iron and looks great!

    Dena K.