Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DAY 12 - Problem Solved!

If you've been reading along, you know the recurring issue I've been trying to resolve. In case you haven't been following closely, the issue is the continual appearance of the radiator icon indicating a low coolant level. Thanks to the experts on the Bimmerfest forums, I've learned that you're not supposed to add antifreeze, unless it's the BMW branded variety. I was also advised to speak to a service assistant rather than a salesperson regarding what to do to resolve this issue.

This afternoon I called the dealership and spoke with the service manager. He verified the accuracy of the Bimmerfest poster's suggestion of not adding antifreeze. He also told me it was perfectly fine to add regular tap water to the coolant reservoir (which is what my sales associate correctly advised).

So, this evening, after everything had cooled down, I began the process. It took approximately two cups of water to bring the level above the "minimum" level indicator. I could have added more and brought it up a little higher, but I opted to leave it at that level and test it. When I started the engine, my familiar radiator icon failed to appear. That was a good sign, but I decided to dig a bit deeper to be sure. I checked the "vehicle status" on the iDrive and went to the "Check Control" data field. Instead of the usual "Low Coolant Level" announcement, the computer gave me a message I had never seen before: "All Systems OK."
Can you tell that I'm more than just a little happy about that outcome?

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