Monday, May 23, 2011

DAY 10 - Smokey and the exhaust issue

New satellite radio favorite: Soul Town. Channel 49. Lots of great soul music from the 60s. Lots of Motown artists.

Speaking of smokey, let's talk about the BMW 335i exhaust system. I've noticed that my right exhaust pipe always has more black soot in it than the left one. I wondered about that and decided to find out why. Here's the scoop.

There is a deflector in the exhaust system that either closes or direct the exhaust to the right side during cold start and warm up. Several other manufacturers employ a similar method and it appears to be the right side in most cases that the exhaust is directed to. So there you have it.

On another note from a previous post, my pesky little radiator icon was on the instrument panel again this morning, reminding me to call my salesman and find out what he learned since Friday about my low coolant warning. He told me that I could simply add coolant or water, even tap water, he said, with no problem. I'm guessing the coolant level isn't more than a pint low, so I'm thinking a pint of tap water might not be a destructive addition to the total volume of the radiator. Any thoughts on that?


  1. Adam, Michael & I posted details on the 335 exhaust in your May 14 blog that may be interesting for you to see.

    Regarding your low coolant issue, didn't you just bring your car in & that the dealership confirmed that your coolant level was fine? First off don't speak to your salesman ever again about service issues on your car. You should speak with the service adviser or garage techs. You shouldn't have to add any fluid to your car now, it's a new car. I didn't need to add coolant until 18,xxx miles. And a pint low & add tap water, not now, get them to top it off with their proper coolant mix (50/50 anti-freeze/distilled water). Something isn't right with your car & you shouldn't have to lift a finger. It's under warranty.

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