Sunday, May 15, 2011

DAY TWO - Post One

We're planning on a short road trip today. From Raymore to Independence. From Cass County to Jackson County. From our house to my sister's. It should be a great opportunity to add some miles to the odo and loosen the engine or the transmission up a little more and let things settle into their places. Also, it will give me an opportunity to plug an address into the Navigation system and see how that works. Looking forward to that experience.

But here's some info you might find of interest. Here are a couple of things you won't find:

FIRST AID KIT: I was searching for my first aid kit. Couldn't find it anywhere. I learned that BMWs sent to the American market do not have them. Apparently the factory installs them, but the port authorities remove them, either in German before they leave or in the US when they arrive. I'm not clear on the reason for this but it has something to do with the DOT (or some other authority) regulations. If anyone is more familiar with this, please feel free to chime in with a comment.

DIPSTICK: Nope. There isn't one. Which I find a bit disconcerting. I grew up in the sixties with muscle cars. Checking the oil was an important part of the service station adventure (back when they washed your windshield). Apparently, BMW wants the computer to take care of monitoring our oil and doesn't want out sticky fingers involved with it.

So, I'll be back later today. I have an announcement that hopefully will get some of you more involved with this blog. I'll be thinking about it while I'm driving today so I can have it all figured out by the time I get home.


  1. If Zelda really wants a test, take her to your OTHER sister's house. I feel so special.

  2. Sounds like the German port would be a great place to get a paper cut! They should be well prepared there! This is Chad, by the way.

  3. hidden -

    You make a very good point. But, like paper, pointed things can also cause cuts. In any case, if I ever get another paper cut, I hope it's close to the German port. I like your comment.