Saturday, May 14, 2011

DAY ONE - Part One

It wasn't a dream! When I looked in the garage this morning, the car is actually sitting there. Waiting.

The drive home from the dealership last night was interesting, if not a little disconcerting. When we picked up the car, the odometer showed a grand total of 11 miles. Everything is new, and all the engine parts are learning how to work with one another. I found the response a little unsure, as if the car wasn't certain what it was supposed to do. I'm certain that's simply a function of the "newness" and everything getting settled in, or perhaps it was my own unfamiliarity with the car and what to expect.

The main thing I noticed was that I seemed to be taking off from stop lights at a faster-than-expected rate of speed. But I was barely on the accelerator, or at least that's how it seemed to me. So we will get used to one another as the days pass and things will settle into a more comfortable and natural relationship. We currently have 44 miles on the odometer, so she's not new any longer. My how those miles add up.

But we're not going to worry about that. Today is a special day. It's really the first day with Zelda, and I have much to do. Much. First of all, there is an iPhone I need to link with the iDrive so I can call without having to dial. How handy is that? Are we just lazy these days? On that same subject, Zelda did not come with rain-sensing wipers. So, I guess I'm going to have to be ever watchful and alert, and if it starts raining, I'll need to remember to turn the wipers on.  I guess I can do that without too much trouble. At least I hope so.

I'm off to the garage to see about getting that iPhone linked up. If that goes okay, the garage door openers are next on my hit list. And, if the sun comes out, I'll pull her out of the garage and snap a couple more photos for you to see.

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