Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DAY 18 - Engine Revving ????

What a day this has been. I still don't have BMW Assist. I called the SA. He said he had put everything into the computer and it should be working. I called BMW. The lady I spoke with did some checking and told me that the dealership had apparently not done something to activate it. It's going to require a trip to the dealership to get it fixed. Bummer.

And now there's another issue that's a brand new one. The car had been sitting for five hours after driving it home, so the engine was cool. Not totally cool, but not hot either. I decided to go buy a Powerball ticket. When I started the car, it started right up, as usual. Then the engine began revving between 700 and 1200 rpm. Then it returned to 700 rpm and repeated the procedure. This round trip from 700 to 1200 and back to 700 took approximately 1 second. It went through this revving about 8 or 10 times and then stopped. Anyone have any idea what that's all about? Something to ask the dealership when I get the BMW Assist fixed, I guess. Maybe  should trade it for an HHR or something.


  1. Curious about the BMW Assist contract. My SA simply signed me up while we sat in the car during delivery. Funny about the color, as the image of the car on your blog header is also Titanium Silver! Like BMW corporate is now reading your blog!


  2. Gary -

    Thanks for the comment. The BMW Assist issue is solved. I will write a post about it in a few minutes. It's interesting the reason I never was enrolled.

    Ha! I love your comment about BMW Corporate reading my blog. Yes, that photo is Titanium Silver.