Friday, June 3, 2011

DAY 20 - BMW Assist - Finally!

I called my SA this afternoon and asked him if he received my email with the VIN issue. He said he had and that the correction had been made. He also told me to "Press the button to open the SOS activation switch and press it."

I did as he suggested. It appears that plugging the correct VIN into the BMW Assist enrollment application on the dealership's computer was the answer to the missing BMW Assist feature, because within a moment after pressing the button, the voice on the other end of the call told me that I did, in fact, have the BMW Assist feature and it was activated!

What followed was an in-depth explanation of the feature-laden BMW Assist program which included roadside assistance for fuel, flat tire, weak battery, and even an automatic unlocking feature, should you happen to leave your keys inside the car. And they have a safety feature that automatically dispatches emergency assistance if they receive notification that an airbag has deployed. As I mentioned, it took a few minutes for the rep to go through the features and get everything set up. She was quite pleasant and very professional, and when we finished, it was done and everything was operational. I'm glad to get that done and off my to-do list. Finally!

Moving forward, tomorrow looks like a good day to hose off the dust and finish that claybarring that I started last night. I also want to try the Meguiar's Yellow Wax and see how that works. Of course that will come after the claybar and the Show Car Polish. I also want to try out the new Armour All Wheel Protectant to get that brake dust under control. We'll make it look like a brand new car when we're finished!

If you have any favorites in your collection of waxes and polishes, feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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