Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DAY 24 - The Dust Issue

There is no way to keep a car clean unless you keep it inside all the time. And even then, you're going to have to cover it with a car cover. So, my meticulously waxed and dust-free paint became less than perfect today at the ball game.

Our nine-year-old grandson had his first baseball game this evening. Unfortunately, it was played at an older field that is currently undergoing remodeling. There are new sidewalks, bleachers, and lots of gravel dust. It's a mess, actually, especially if you're driving a spotlessly waxed and dusted vehicle.

Well, spotless and dust-free are now things of the past. Zelda is home from the game, and she's sitting in the garage with a fine coat of dust on her paint. Hopefully, some of that will blow off tomorrow on the way to work. We'll see how many particles can hold on at 80 mph.


  1. Sorry your car got dusty after all your hard work to get that shine (in three years I've never waxed my car & it still looks fantastic). & you would have to drive 800 mph through a mid-west thunderstorm to get the dust off. Washing the car works best!


  2. Gary - Thanks for the comment.Glad your car still looks great. Maybe BMW puts a really good clearcoat on their paintjobs. And yes, my car is still dusty, but it's supposed to rain here in KC for the next four days. That should rinse it off I would think.

  3. Unless the rain you get Adam, comes with soap, rags, rinse and chamois hand dry there is no substitute for a car wash. Whether it's accumulated dust or the dreaded shower or simply a good old fashion gully-washer, nothing will clean your car very well but the windshield wipers. And usually it will make it much, much worse. I've accepted this and just wait for a reasonable day to wash it. g/l