Sunday, July 17, 2011

DAY 65 - Squeaky Clean!

The sun went down, and the temperature finally dropped to 88 degrees. It was hot, but I decided to go ahead and give Zelda a bath in the driveway. It didn't take long, and after I got all the water off with the chamois, she looked pretty good. I blew the water out of the wheels with the air compressor, and I'm going to respray the wheels tomorrow with the Armorall Wheel Protectant. That stuff gets a big thumbs up from this driver. It makes the wheels so slippery that the brake dust just blows away. I love it.

I also cleaned the glass with Windex tonight The windshield and the nose had a lot of dried bug remnants from the past couple weeks of driving. Tomorrow I'll use the RainX I bought a few weeks ago. I'll probably give the whole car another coat of the Meguiar's Tech Wax again tomorrow, too. But I'll probably do it a little at a time so I don't get overheated. Of course that's after a morning of geocaching with my son and my nine year old grandson. Fun fun fun.

The car continues to grow on me. I'm really starting to like the appearance, and I'l learning more about the iDrive system. Today I learned you can vary the categories or the information displayed on the Satellite radio readout. I think a light bulb must have lit up above my head when I discovered that option. I also reset the system to lock the doors when the car starts moving. I kind of like that feature.

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  1. Sorry about those squeaks that suddenly appeared after washing ("Squeaky Clean"). I guess it's just one of those quirks of German cars that you'll have to get used to. Hopefully, when it dries out, the squeaks will go away. Maybe it's a setting on the trip computer.